Together SRI and Countryside Manufactured Homes provides its customers with a one year manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. This refers to defects that are not caused by regular wear and tear. This warranty begins when you take possession of your new home! When you purchase your new manufactured/ modular home you are provided with one of countrysides handy dandy warranty binders. In these you will find a specific step by step guide to make any and all warranty claims within your first year living in your new home!

Years two through ten is a structural warranty provided by Pacific Warranty in British Columbia and Progressive Warranty elsewhere. This warranty covers the major structural components of your home; It protects the very heart of your home for a full 10 years! Pacific home warranty covers any defect in material and labor that results in a failure of a load bearing part of the home or the structural damage that may result from such a failure in the 2-10 years of purchasing your home. Additionally, the manufacturers of some items in your home provide their own warranty, for example items like your appliances, hot water tank, furnace etc, are all warranted through their own manufacturer warranty. But not to worry! You will find all your complete steps of how to do this in your Countryside Manufactured Homes warranty package!

a salesman at countryside manufactured homes answers a couples FAQ during the modular buying process

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